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Did anyone use AOL back in the 90s? I was aware of it as it was the constant butt of jokes around IRC during that time.

AOL was always weird to me all the way down here in Aotearoa. I never understood how the trial disks made their way here.

I was intrigued one day and installed the dialup configuration - it definitely did not work :joy:

I eventually had AIM to chat with a few friends from IRC who used it. Messenger apps down here went from ICQ to MSN Messenger.



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jay wrote

I never used AOL bc I'm too young, but it's wild to imagine a world where AOL competed with.. Disney and television?! What the hell were they envisioning with that one.

Also yeah crucially the thing about AOL is.. it's AMERICA online lmao. It's not the whole internet- it's just America to begin with. Huh.