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I love modding Gameboys, this is my main one that I use for games- I prefer the form factor of the Gameboy color but I do need to play Advance games haha. Anyone else here mod gameboys? I have to get back into it but haven't had the money to replace a broken part on my Gameboy pocket :p



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xandra wrote

omg, i love the clear case!!!


jay OP wrote

Thank you!!! Clear technology is my passion


substrberry wrote

yo, those look rad! I have a bunch of old gameboy colors and an advance, but haven't gotten into modding. Do you have any resources, guides, or relevant sites you could link?


jay OP wrote (edited )

oh mods like this (shell and screen) are some of the easiest!! heres a few links I use for sourcing parts (I am US based, though); if you're not familiar with soldering, the GBC has a really easy drop-in kit available (forget which site exactly but the drop-ins are labeled as such), and iirc the DMG (original gameboy) and GBA can also be done with no/minimal soldering! The parts sites also have guides available.

eBay, Aliexpress, and Etsy have also given me good luck with colors, patterns, etc that aren't available in the main sites, though the quality can be hit-or-miss. The most expensive part you're going to want is definitely the screen; IPS screen mods are the common ones that can be drop-in/no solder, but they also sell cheaper mods that involve modifying your pre-existing screen. I've... had trouble with those just because it requires a lot more patience haha.

Just remember to have isopropyl alcohol on hand for cleaning and use the screws that come with the new casing if you go that route; OEM screws are normally too big for the custom shells and can strip the threads!

Good luck lmk if you have any more questions :D