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Most of us can agree that a lot of modern design trends that move towards endless scrolling, keeping our attention at all costs, and maximizing profits is mostly pretty awful. But I feel like there's gotta be some semi recent designs in UI and websites that we enjoy, right..?

I'll go first, though admittedly I had a hard time thinking of one haha. I like how discord organizes images into a grid now, it's concise and neat and it's still possible to open the image to full size or post images separately so I feel like nothing's really lost.

What else?



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xandra wrote

less of a design trend and more of a web practice, but i am so glad accessibility is at the forefront these days. the web definitely moving in a direction to be more accessible and strive for a11y design.


yequari wrote

One feature I like that's come about recently is command palettes. It's kind of a mix of a command line and menu, where you can type vaguely what you're trying to do and it will find the command or menu option for you. I use it all the time in VS Code and Obsidian.


substrberry wrote

yeah! and it's counterpart, the quick switcher, is a blessing for fast app navigation

  • Discord: ctrl + k
  • Obsidian: ctrl + o
  • Visual Studio Code: ctrl + p

wris wrote

I loooooove when an app has a decent quick switcher. Especially with fuzzy matching of input, so if you're trying to open animals/good_animals/best_animals/bunnies.txt you can just search good best bunnies and it'll match it.


isabz wrote

I like when websites have built in light/dark modes, or even multiple themes to choose from


fLaMEd wrote

Big type, with lots of breathing room.