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I recently stopped Bootstrap and was surprised by how easy, sort of, grid is. The fact that you can visually picture how your layout will look with something like this:

   "nav nav nav"
   "side main main"
   "footer footer footer";

Is kind of amazing😄

I've had issues using Flexbox for entire layouts, but it's amazing for stuff like cards or navbars. I use Flexbox for my top nav.

Which do you use? Is it a combo of both, or neither?



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jay wrote

I really need to start using both tbh.. I just apply float:left and float:right to basically everything haha.


qrunchy wrote

I currently mostly use flexbox but I'm planning on finding uses for grid as well. I'm actually considering learning floats to see if I can use them to fill in some gaps I've found in both flex and grid. Neither seem suited for the exact layout I wanted and I had to change my design.


fLaMEd wrote

I use both! Each have their strengths for different types of layout, or layout within a layout!


lime360 wrote

i literally use tables in html, flexbox is sooo HARD