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A discussion was brought up about HTML's omittable tags, which led me to wonder what the first thing is different webmasters write when writing a webpage, if any.

When I write a new webpage, the first thing I write is <!doctype html><html lang=en><meta charset=utf-8>. (The en would change if I wrote a page in a language other than English, but usually I write in English.)
Some webmasters may have <head></head><body></body></html> but I tend not to write those since they're completely omittable.



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fLaMEd wrote

npm init -y

npm install @11ty/eleventy --save-dev


Jackdaw wrote

I start writing the text first, with some <p>s and <li>s or whatnot, and add the header and footer once I've got something worth saving.


jasm1nii wrote

seconding lang, but i could never leave out the <head> tag - i like keeping the page's most important meta data attributes separate from everything else.


Voicedrew wrote

I don't. I have scripts that build my html around my content after converting it from markdown.


jay wrote

I copy+paste my header and navbar tags right away always!