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Table math while I’m at the pub…

It works out to $33 per month for the 100 years that avoids inflation and other costs.

Not just domain renewal but hosting/server space and keeping your website on the latest technology.

It’s a lot upfront, but when you think about the value over the term of the plan it’s quite brilliant.

But yeah. I prob won’t…


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Agree; it's a great analogy. I also do a lot of thinking and come up with awesome ideas while walking my dogs, however, I always lose the thought by the time i get home...


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One of the things social media took from us was a true sense of connection. In our modern net landscape, it is if we are all on our own private islands, shouting out into a vast ocean.

I'm still looking to make these connections with my website again!

Thanks for writing and sharing this! Bookmarked!


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It looks like they changed this yesterday, see this commit.

I obviously hadn’t refreshed the tab I had open from when I first opened and shared on our discord.

Let me take a look at what you need to do to add a website and I’ll share - raising a PR isn’t too difficult through GitHub’s web interface, just need an account ;)