Resources List for the Personal Web

Welcome to the 32-Bit Cafe Resources list! This list is to help guide and help those who are in every stage of their web-building journey on the personal web. This list is not meant to overwhelm you, but rather give you options and find tools, graphics, utilities, codes, and everything in between to help get you creating more on the independent web.

This list is contributed to by members and some information has been grandfathered in from our Discord and other communication platforms. Feel free to share this list and get the word out about how easy and fun it is to create your own website and join in this side of the web!

Interested in contributing? Get permissions by sending /u/yequari or /u/xandra a message! Add categories and links in the same format using Markdown. If a resource you have in mind tends to fit into two categories, try selecting the one that best represents the intention of the resource. Try to list resources in alphabetical order for ease, but it will be periodically cleaned up anyway. Thank you for your efforts!

If the list becomes too cumbersome, we will begin splitting the lists into pages for easier reading and reference.

  1. Webmastery

    1. Accessibility

    2. Beginner HTML Guides

    3. Free Blogging Platforms & Static-Site Generators

    4. Code Generators

    5. Code Snippets

    6. Hosted Forms

    7. Hosted Services for Websites

    8. Free Layouts

    9. Layout Makers

    10. Free Webhosts

    11. Creating, Managing, and Finding Webrings

    12. Widgets

    13. X-References

  2. Graphics

    1. Browser-Based Graphic Editors

    2. Color Palettes

    3. Free Graphics & Website Materials

    4. Pixel Cliques & Clubs

    5. Placeholder Images

    6. Free Stock Images & Illustrations

  3. Utilities & Programs

    1. Webweaving Utilities

    2. Social Media Utilities

    3. Retro Utilities & Programs

    4. Typefaces & Fonts

    5. Other Software & Utilities

  4. Independent Web Alternatives

    1. Education

    2. Search Engines

    3. Creativity Tools & Programs

    4. Productivity Tools & Programs

    5. Services

  5. Contributors


"Webmastery" and "webweaving" are cool ways to describe web development from a hobbyist standpoint, so we like to use it here. The resources below are meant to be helpful to create your own website.


Beginner HTML Guides

Free Blogging Platforms & Static-Site Generators

Code Generators

Code Snippets

Hosted Forms

Hosted Services for Websites

Free Layouts

Layout Makers

Free Webhosts

Creating, Managing, and Finding Webrings




These are resources relating to graphics, graphic design, or creating art.

Browser-Based Graphic Editors

Color Palettes

Free Graphics & Website Materials

Pixel Cliques & Clubs

Here is an ongoing list of active pixel clubs and cliques across the web that have either been created or revived from an older age of the internet. Unsure about what this is?

Placeholder Images

Free Stock Images & Illustrations

Utilities & Programs

These are utilities, programs, and helpful tools that can help make your life easier when it comes to computing, webmastery, and other computer-related hobbies.

Webweaving Utilities

Social Media Utilities

Retro Utilities & Programs

Typefaces & Fonts

Other Software & Utilities

Independent Web Alternatives

These are alternative projects, web services, and replacements for the corporate web or corporate services.


Search Engines

Creativity Tools & Programs

Productivity Tools & Programs



Thank you so much to everyone who contributes to the list. Some of these have been added from Discord and other shared spaces, so those folks have been added here. Please sign your name below if you added links to this resource!